sustainability commitment

we aim to benefit people and mitigate environmental harm in everything we do, starting with each garment’s lifecycle

locally made

our manufacturing partners are all based in los angeles keeping the carbon footprint low. these factories provide respectful working conditions with policies that adhere to universal human rights

sustainable sourcing

up to 80% of decisions regarding sustainability occur during the design and development of each product, according to the sustainable apparel coalition. we measure each step in order to:

create items that are special, high quality and designed be worn often

  • we ensure that every garment is made to last. however, if your garment shows signs of fraying or tearing as a result of wear, e-mail us photos of the garment and we will refer you to a local vendor to mend to the product – on us!

reduce waste

  • we only source fabrics that are high quality, durable and environmentally responsible. the Italian fabric used in our swimwear comes from a mill with an established commitment to reduce the use of water, energy, chemicals that is available here
  • our patterns are low waste and any scraps are upcycled and used in building insulation

we are always looking for likeminded partners who are committed sustainability. to collaborate or learn more about how we are working to , please reach out to